A new type of media and messaging network for mobile gamers

Connect, manage and improve your guild with messaging, media and live game integration – starting with the hit puzzle RPG Legendary: Game of Heroes


Real time messaging for groups and guilds

Share video, images, links and emojis in a rich text chat. Make sure you stay on top of things with @mentions and direct messages

Game Channels

Channels dedicated to fans

Everything for the game you love, all in one place with quick access to the friends you play with, content about the game you love, and tools to run your guild more efficiently


Content that's laser-focused on your needs

Starting with Legendary: Game of Heroes, The N3TWORK features daily content that includes news, videos, strategies, interviews, leaderboard updates and more


Share everything with your guild

The N3TWORK makes it quick and easy to share anything with your guild or the groups you're chatting with

Game Integration

Synced with your game data

The N3TWORK integrates with Legendary: Game of Heroes and syncs with your in game profile, guild membership and in-game chat

Game Icon

Legendary: Game of Heroes


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